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In 1988 I joined the University of Bradford student radio station, Radio Ramair, and soon became Chief Engineer. The following year I became Station Manager.

During my time at Ramair I applied for, financed, and managed the first special-event license to allow a UK student radio station to broadcast legally across a city in FM. Prior to that we were limited to broadcasting to halls using local loop aerials in AM, and the occasional special event in AM across Bradford. We did 4-5 FM events a year from our two studios. The first broadcast was on 100.7MHz at 11am October 3rd 1990.

Ramair official site and more background from Wikipedia.

Back in the 1990's there was Goverment legislation that stipulated student radio was not able to be broadcast across public roads, therefore all campus radio stations broadcast from a limited transmitter in each hall of residence.

Ramair Special Event Licenses while I was Chief Engineer:

Ramair Special Event Licenses while I was Station Manager:


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Created: 01 Jan 1989