Apache HTTP Server Version 1.3

Module mod_status_xml

This module provides information on server activity and performance in XML format.

Status: Optional
Source File: mod_status_xml.c
Module Identifier: status_xml_module
Compatibility: Available in ? and later.


The Status XML module works in a similar way to the mod_status module, allowing a server administrator to find out how well their server is performing. An XML page is presented that gives the current server statistics in an easily readable form. If required this amount of information can be reduced (useful if you are periodically capturing the output).

The details given are:

Details marked "(*)" are only available with ExtendedStatus On.


Enabling Status Support

To enable status reports only for browsers from the foo.com domain add this code to your access.conf configuration file
    <Location /server-status-xml>
    SetHandler server-status-xml

    Order Deny,Allow
    Deny from all
    Allow from .foo.com

You can now access server statistics by using a Web browser to access the page http://your.server.name/server-status-xml

Note that mod_status_xml will only work when you are running Apache in standalone mode and not inetd mode.

Reduced Status File

A status file with less information is available by accessing the page http://your.server.name/server-status-xml?minimal. This is useful when automatically run, see the Perl program in the /support directory of Apache, log_xml_server_status.
It should be noted that if mod_status_xml is compiled into the server, its handler capability is available in all configuration files, including per-directory files (e.g., .htaccess). This may have security-related ramifications for your site.

StatusXMLStyleSheet directive

Syntax: StatusXMLStylesheet URL
Default: off
Context: server config, virtual host, directory
Status: optional
Module: mod_status_xml
Compatibility: StatusXMLStylesheet is only available in ? and later.

This directive controls whether the server outputs a xml-stylesheet instruction in the XML. By giving a URL to a stylesheet, some browsers will be able to automatically convert the output into HTML for viewing. This is only useful if the XML status module is enabled on the server.

This setting applies to the entire server, and cannot be enabled or disabled on a virtualhost-by-virtualhost basis.

Apache HTTP Server Version 1.3

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