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This is a copy of the C2Net Press Release from 29 Jun 1997

OAKLAND, Calif., June 30, 1997 - - C2Net Software today announced its Stronghold secure web server now supports the CryptoSwift secure server accelerator from Rainbow Technologies Internet Security Group. Stronghold is the first web server product to support a hardware encryption acceleration device, allowing fast, inexpensive scalability for secure Internet electronic commerce transactions and digital authentication.

"Secure communication is not a matter of choice for doing business on the Internet, it is a requirement," said C2Net president Sameer Parekh. "Internet service providers and corporate web site managers are hard pressed to keep their systems responsive as more and more consumers and businesses are demanding secure communications for Internet commerce. With Rainbow's CryptoSwift, we are meeting these demands for high performing secure servers."

"Rainbow's CryptoSwift will provide users of the Stronghold web server with the most technologically advanced capabilities for conducting high speed, secure electronic transactions over the Internet," said Peter Craig, vice chairman and Internet Security Group executive.

"Stronghold's support for Rainbow's CryptoSwift gives our customers a fast, easy, and inexpensive way to increase secure server throughput, simply by installing a hardware encryption accelerator device when needed," added Parekh.

A presentation at the January 1997 RSA Data Security Conference showed that servers providing SSL connections can spend over 90% of their processor time handling cryptography.

Rainbow's CryptoSwift is a PCI card that installs into the bus of a server computer and contains a high speed "public key" math co-processor which off-loads and accelerates security operations from a server's main processor. Using patent-pending technology, the product provides the necessary cryptographic functions to accelerate SSL, PCT, SET and other security protocols. CryptoSwift performs up to twenty 1024 bit public key calculations per second, and performance scales linearly with the number of boards installed, limited only by the number of PCI slots available in the server.

The Stronghold Web Server is an enhanced, secure, commercial version of the popular Apache server. Based on figures in a Netcraft survey (http://www.netcraft.com/survey/), Stronghold is the second most popular commercial server for UNIX and the second most popular for secure applications on the Internet.

Rainbow's Internet Security Group is a world leader in providing cryptographic performance solutions. The Group has recently formed technical collaborations with prominent corporations including RSA Data Security, Microsoft, IBM, and Netscape. Founded in 1984, Rainbow Technologies (NASDAQ:RNBO) has offices in California, Connecticut, Maryland, France, Germany and the U.K., and an international network of authorized distributors. The company supplies security products to over 28,000 customers in over 100 countries. Demonstrating Rainbow's commitment to quality, the company has been ISO-9002 certified since 1994. Rainbow is a designated licensee of RSA Data Security. For more information on CryptoSwift please call 1-(888)-667-4728 or visit Rainbow's web site at http://isg.rnbo.com.

C2Net Software, Inc. (http://www.c2.net/) is a leading provider of uncompromised network security software. Through its international offshore development programs, all C2Net product are exempt from U.S. government export restrictions, allowing the company to offer uncrippled, strong cryptography solutions to customers worldwide.