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02 Dec 2015: Day one with the OSVR hacker dev kit on Fedora 22.

First issue was that osvr_server wasn't finding the device, but it was definitely showing up with lsusb etc and being picked up correctly with the right kernel drivers. I'd added a udev rule to make sure my user had permissions to the device. The audio device was also being picked up perfectly and working for input/output via pulseaudio. Hmmm.

So osvr_server uses a bundled hidapi library to do enumeration, and that library was skipping the device 0x1532:0x0b00 (the OSVR). A bit of debugging found it was because the HID wasn't being defined at the interface level, and there's this bit of code in hid-libusb.c:

                if (desc.bDeviceClass != LIBUSB_CLASS_PER_INTERFACE)                                                       
Removing the lines and recompiling let osvr_server find the device. Wohoo. Looking at a newer upstream version of hidapi shows these lines are no longer there too. I'll look into later what's the right fix they need!

Created: 02 Dec 2015

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