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28 Sep 2012: Fedora or Android?

20120928_prime For a two day trip I decided to test using my Android tablet instead of also taking a laptop, and it worked out okay for the most part.

I was booked to go to Red Hat HQ in Raleigh, NC at the start of August for a two-day business trip, well more accurately two-days in the office and another two-days of travelling. I'd usually take my trusty ThinkPad x201 on the trip with me, it's small and light, but it's battery life isn't so great anymore. Earlier this year I'd bought an Android tablet, an ASUS Transformer Prime which with a long battery life would be perfect for movies, but could it replace my ThinkPad completely and save me travelling with two devices? I worked through my requirements and it seemed plausible in theory, so here is how it stacked up in practice:

So in summary I think I got away with it; having just the tablet didn't stop me doing anything that had to be done on the trip and I'll definately do the same thing again in the future for very short trips. For anything more than a couple of days or where connectivity might be an issue I'd miss having a full-featured OS.

Created: 28 Sep 2012
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Title: Re: Fedora or Android?
Posted by: Richard Morrell
Time: Fri, 28 Sep 2012 15:54

So I was in Portugal this week and had once more, to take both netbook and iPad. The same issues as you - weight and flexibility, Android 4.0.x doesn't win for me - just too inflexible, the iPad wins hands down but I can't edit slides so the only thing I had to do was take the netbook which sucks.

Title: Re: Fedora or Android?
Posted by: Benedikt Morbach
Time: Fri, 28 Sep 2012 23:55

@Presentations: You might want to know that there is a native Libreoffice android app in the works. Certainly better than VNC ;-)

Title: Re: Fedora or Android?
Posted by: nicu
Time: Mon, 01 Oct 2012 10:28

for some airlines you don't need to print your boarding card any more, just have the barcode displayed on your phone/tablet screen (but your point still stands, you don't know hen you need something printed)

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