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07 Oct 2009: CVE-2009-2408 (NULL in certificate) timeline

There have been quite a few stories over the last couple of weeks about the NULL character certificate flaw, such as this one from The Register.

The stories center around how open source software such as Firefox was able to produce updates to correct this issue just a few days after the Blackhat conference, while Microsoft still hasn't fixed it and are "investigating a possible vulnerability in Windows presented during Black Hat".

But the actual timeline is missing from these stories.

The NULL character certificate flaw (CVE-2009-2408) was actually disclosed by two researchers working independantly who both happened to present the work at the same conference, Blackhat, in July this year. Dan Kaminsky mentioned it as part of a series of PKI flaws he disclosed. Marlinspike had found the same flaw, but was able to demonstrate it in practice by managing to get a trusted Certificate Authority to sign such a malicious certificate.

The flaw was no Blackhat surprise; Dan Kaminsky actually found this issue many months ago and responsibly reported the issues to vendors including Red Hat, Microsoft, and Mozilla. We found out about this issue on 25th February 2009 and worked with Dan and some of the upstream projects on these issues in advance, so we had plenty of time to prepare updates and this is why we were able to have them ready to release just after the disclosure.

Created: 07 Oct 2009
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