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03 Mar 2008: Geotagging and route logging with Tom Tom

I'm out on holiday soon to Arizona, so we've been looking for ways to geocode the photos we'll be taking and get a record of our route. I use a Mio A701 phone which has built-in GPS, and this time we'll be using Tom Tom in the USA rather than Mapopolis. The problem with Tom Tom Navigator is that it doesn't keep a track log, and there doesn't seem to be any plugins to allow it to do so. So here is the solution I've been experimenting with over the weekend.

On the PocketPC:

On my Fedora machine:

The exif metadata inside each jpeg now contains the approximate co-ordinates of where you were when you took the photo along with a guess of the location (city, country, etc). You can load out.kml into GoogleEarth to see the tracklog and photos on a map. If you've allowed Flickr to read the location data from exif then uploading a geotagged photo will automatically place it on a map. (Make sure you consider the consequences before enabling that option or you may end up unintentionally leaking information like the location of your friends houses or parties you've been to). Here's a quick pic taken in the snow today to test it out:

Test of photo Geocoding output from exiftool:
GPS Position                    : 55 deg 46' 58.21" N, 4 deg 0' 5.50" W
City                            : Motherwell
Province-State                  : Scotland
Country-Primary Location Name   : United Kingdom

Created: 03 Mar 2008
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