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14 May 2001: Bop Ad

So I keep finding web logs mentioning Douglas Adams who died at the weekend aged only 49. I'll add my story:

I'm a huge fan of Douglas Adams (was in the fanclub ZZ9-plural-Z-alpha as a teenager) and at ApacheCon in London last October got into line to get my book signed by him (photo). The second time around when things had become more quiet I approached him again to get a book signed for Apache Week to give away. Instead of idle chit-chat I asked him about the film. This peaked his interest and he launched into telling me all about it and the problems and was really animated. He seemed pleased that someone was interested in it and was happy to talk to me for a few minutes until I thought I'd held up the line long enough. Or maybe he'd realised that the more he talked to me the less books he had to sign.

The signature in the two books were far from identical, but it read "Bop Ad" just like I expected.

Created: 14 May 2001
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